Tower Crane Licence (CT)

Tower Cranes are widely used in the construction of multi-storey buildings, high-rise industrial and engineering projects. A tower crane is a jib or boom crane, mounted on a tower structure – demountable or permanent – including both horizontal and luffing jib types. 

CPCCLTC4001A Licence to Operate Tower Crane

On the Job Training offers a complete set of basic and advanced courses for tower crane licences on the Gold Coast. Our expert team achieve superior results through practical, real life training in all classes of tower cranes.

Our tower crane training courses include practical work in combination with personalised expert guidance. This training covers the crane ticket, tower crane licence requirements and specialised training like self-erecting tower crane licences according to your needs.

High Risk Work Licence Training and Assessment Evidence for Crane Tickets

We also offer training for High Risk Work Licences. When a tower crane operator has achieved certification as a tower crane operator, they may then make an application for the relevant mandatory High Risk Work (HRW) licence for their operator’s licence.

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