TLILIC2005A – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) EWP Course.

An EWP ticket, an EWP course or an elevated work platform course. What’s involved?  What does the WP licence allow me to do?
High risk work licence training and assessment.
The WP licence covers the operation of boom type elevated work platforms over 11m. From this boom type work platform, persons may work. This licence allows you to use an elevating boom type work platform where the boom length is 11 metres or more.
A person can work from a personnel box attached to a telehandler that has operator controls in the box. If the boom is 11 metres or more, you will need this licence.  When you pass the EWP course and assessment, you may apply for this High Risk Work (HRW) licence class.  We’d love to answer any questions you have about this training. Day and night courses are available. Call us now 0404 709 861
Pre-requisites. What do I need to do this course?
You must be over 18 years old to apply for the high risk licence. You can start your training before you turn 18. If so you must meet a few requirements. For instance, you must work under the supervision of someone who has that licence.
You have to enrol in and start the EWP course. You will need to use the training logbook given to you by the RTO. (registered training organisation).
For example, you begin your training before your 18th birthday. You can gain experience, knowledge and confidence in the safe use of an EWP. But this must always be while under supervision of a licensed person. Once you turn 18 years old, you can then complete your EWP course. You can then sit the high risk licence assessment and if you pass that, you can apply for the licence.
What about the height?
Have a healthy respect for working at height. You will learn how to use safety equipment to help you stay safe. You will also learn how to inspect and use the equipment in a safe and competent manner. This will help you have confidence in the use of an elevating work platform.
Last thoughts. The EWP course is not a difficult course. Still, you must apply yourself. Make the most of the training available and when you get your EWP ticket, it will serve you well.