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Unit Name

Licence to erect, alter and dismantle Scaffolding Intermediate level – CPCCLHS3001



Course Duration

5 Days

Entry Requirement/s

Licence to erect, alter and dismantle Scaffolding Basic level – CPCCLSF2001 (or SI Licence)

Course Cost*

Non-funded: $1950.00

CSQ funded course if available

Course Bookings

Please note that this not course we regularly schedule. Contact us if you’re interested in joining our waiting list to be notified of the next available course or about group bookings.

Intermediate Scaffolding Course – Master Specialised Scaffolding Types

Accessible from the Gold Coast & Brisbane

This intermediate scaffolding ticket course specifies the outcomes required to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding at the Intermediate level which includes use and operation of Cantilevered crane-loading platforms, Cantilevered and spurred scaffolds, Barrow ramps and sloping platforms, perimeter safety screens and shutters Mast climbers, and tube and coupler scaffolds (including tube and coupler covered ways and gantries) for licensing purposes.

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Secure Your Intermediate Scaffolding Licence with Specialised Training

Master intermediate scaffolding with our comprehensive course designed for professionals aiming to secure their Intermediate Scaffolding Ticket. This course delves into the nuances of erecting, altering, and dismantling a variety of scaffolding structures, equipping you with the skills to manage sophisticated scaffolding projects across various industries.

Intermediate Scaffolding Performance Criteria

Our Intermediate Scaffolding Course offers in-depth training on a range of scaffolding configurations crucial for complex construction and maintenance projects. Participants will gain practical experience and thorough understanding in:

1. Erecting and Dismantling Cantilevered Crane Loading Platforms

Learn to safely erect and dismantle cantilevered crane loading platforms, focusing on adherence to manufacturer specifications and ensuring structural stability.

2. Managing Cantilevered and Spur Scaffolds

Gain expertise in erecting and dismantling cantilevered scaffolds and spur scaffolds, mastering the balance between flexibility and safety in scaffold design.

3. Building Barrow Ramps and Sloping Platforms

Develop skills in constructing and dismantling barrow ramps and sloping platforms, enhancing efficiency and safety on construction sites.

4. Working with Perimeter Safety Screens and Shutters

Understand the critical role of perimeter safety screens and shutters in protecting workers and the public, learning to install and remove these components with precision.

5. Operating Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Acquire the ability to erect and dismantle mast climbing work platforms, expanding your scaffolding capabilities to include vertical transport solutions.

6. Erecting Tube and Coupler Scaffolds

Master the technique of erecting tube and coupler scaffolds, including covered ways and gantries, focusing on modular flexibility and structural integrity.

Why Our Intermediate Scaffolding Course?

Our course provides detailed training on advanced techniques and safety protocols for intermediate scaffolding work. Through a blend of theoretical lessons and hands-on practice, we prepare our participants to tackle diverse scaffolding challenges, making them valuable assets in the scaffolding and construction industries.

We make all our supporting training resources in house, in the form of videos, podcasts and study guides.

Certification and Career Advancement

Upon successful completion and competency assessment under WHS regulations, participants will be issued a 'Statement of Attainment' confirming their competence in the unit of competency. Upon a successful knowledge and performance licensing assessment, including closed book exam and practical tasks, you'll be eligible to apply for an Advanced Scaffolding Licence. This certification opens the door to advanced projects and leadership roles.

Enrol Now: Elevate Your Scaffolding Skills

Join our Intermediate Scaffolding Course to specialise in high-demand scaffolding techniques. With expert instruction and state-of-the-art training materials, you're set to secure your Intermediate Scaffolding Ticket and advance your career in the scaffolding industry.

Pre-requisite For This Course

What to Bring

  • Provide 100 Points of identification (as per Workplace Health and Safety Queensland requirements)
  • Steel cap Boots
  • Safety gloves
  • Hi-Visibility shirt and hard hat with a brim
  • Suitable outdoor work clothing (no singlets)
  • Lunch and water bottle
  • If applicable, any evidence of prior experience e.g old certificates
  • USI Number (Find My USI)

Additional Information

Course Timing:Course days typically run from 6:30am to approximately 3:00pm - Participants are advised to arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.

*You may be required to start before 6:30am and stay after 3:00pm depending on how long the formal assessment runs for, we will advise of these times on the day of formal assessment.

Course Structure:
Please note: Competence in a unit does not in itself result in a licence.

Once the trainer believes the participant has demonstrated theoretical and practical understanding of the chosen course (i.e ‘Unit of Competency’, in this case 'Licence to erect, alter and dismantle Scaffolding Intermediate level - CPCCLSF3001), this will be verified with a certificate or what’s known as a ‘Statement of Attainment’ from us, On the Job Training.

In order to obtain a SI high risk work licence, the candidate, after successful completion of the unit of competency, can choose to participate in the theoretical and practical assessments known as ‘National Assessment Instruments’ (NAI) held at the conclusion of each course at On the Job Training. This is conducted by an assessor on behalf of Workplace Health & Safety Queensland. On successful completion of the mandated assessments, they will be issued with a ‘Candidate Assessment Summary’ (CAS) by On the Job Training.

Upon successful completion of the NAI as stated above, the Office of Industrial Relations Queensland will contact them with instructions on how to apply for the high risk work licence (in this case, an SI licence).

For more information about costs associated with the chosen licence visit the Workplace Health & Safety website.


Training Videos

Why not check out some of our training videos to learn more or get a feel for what to expect with our training.


Brandon Rhea Tower Crane Dogman Dream Featured IMage

Tower Crane Dream: How a Bricklayer Became a Dogman

Sometimes you meet that special student, who you can immediately sense as a trainer that they are not only here to learn; they are metaphorically wearing their career goals on their sleeve. Read about Rhea’s inspiring story here.


Great experience, easy to understand and comprehend information being related by the trainer. Stress free learning and training environment. Would recommend to anyone seeking thier high risk work license. Shane and Bruce made the experience enjoyable and easy to get through.

Ryhs Bryden

Dogging (DG), AAM Group

Trainers were excellent and extremely helpful communicating their experiences and ways of doing things and teaching the correct way! I am 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend for your training!! Thanks guys!!
Luke Hines

Dogging (DG), Pensar

I had an absolutely outstanding experience with the entire cew at OTJT.
Very professional and excellent range of experience and skills.

I can reccommend OTJT for having the ability of imparting a great deal of knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Well done team.

Juan Boulter

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