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Unit Name

CPCCLRG4001 – Licence to Perform Rigging Advanced Level



Course Duration

5 Days

Entry Requirement/s

Licence to Perform Rigging Intermediate Level (RI)

Course Cost*

Full price: $2190.00

CSQ funded price: $1122.00*

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Advanced Riggers Ticket Course

Elevate your rigging career with our Advanced Rigging Course, designed for individuals aiming to master complex rigging techniques. This comprehensive training covers everything from using mechanical load shifting equipment to erecting and dismantling advanced structures like gin poles, flying foxes, and suspended scaffolds. Prerequisite: completion of intermediate rigging or a valid licence. As one of the only RTO’s regularly scheduling all levels of rigging, our course prepares you to gain competence with an Advanced Rigging Ticket, essential for high-level rigging tasks in construction and other industries. Gain hands-on experience and set yourself apart as a skilled rigger. Enrol now and take your rigging skills to the next level!

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Unlock Your Potential with Our Advanced Rigging Ticket Course

Licence to Perform Rigging Advanced Level - CPCCLRG4001

Our Advanced Rigging Course is designed for individuals looking to deepen their expertise in rigging practices, focusing on the use of mechanical load shifting equipment and associated gear. This course paves the way to obtaining an Advanced Rigging Ticket, crucial for those aiming to move, place, or secure loads in construction and various industries.

Course Highlights: What Makes Our Advanced Rigging Licence Stand Out

Gain hands-on experience with gin poles, shear legs, flying foxes, cable ways, guyed derricks, and advanced scaffolding techniques. This course ensures you understand the stability, erection, and dismantling of cranes and hoists, setting you apart in the rigging field.  Our 'real-life' training yard, based on a busy construction site but in a controlled environment, will give you the experience of operating in close proximity to all types of plant from 7T city crane to 100T crawlers and tower cranes, dogman, riggers and scaffolders.

Prerequisites for Enrolment

Before enrolling, participants must have successfully completed CPCCLRG3002 Licence to perform rigging at the intermediate level or hold a valid licence for intermediate rigging. This prerequisite ensures all participants are ready for the advanced concepts covered.


Comprehensive Course Content

Planning and Risk Assessment

- Task instructions review and clarification
- Compliance with SWMS and workplace safety requirements
- Equipment inspection and maintenance

Equipment Selection and Safety

- Choosing and inspecting rigging equipment and gear
- Implementing risk controls and safety measures
- Effective communication with team members

Advanced Rigging Techniques

- Erecting and dismantling structures and plant with emphasis on safety and stability
- Operating gin poles, shear legs, flying foxes, cable ways, and guyed derricks
- Installing and removing suspended and fabricated hung scaffolds

Achieving Competence

To demonstrate competency, participants must successfully erect, use, and dismantle advanced rigging setups, including gin poles, cable ways, and scaffolds, adhering to strict safety standards and workplace requirements.

What You Will Learn

The course covers essential knowledge and skills, including:

- Safe work practices and compliance with WHS legislation
- Hazard identification, risk control, and the use of PPE
- Detailed understanding of rigging equipment and advanced techniques

Your Pathway to an Advanced Rigging Ticket

While competence in this unit does not automatically result in a licence, it prepares you for assessment under relevant WHS regulations. Successful assessment leads to obtaining an Advanced Rigging Licence, recognizing your expertise in advanced rigging operations.

Ready to Take Your Rigging Skills to the Next Level?

Our Advanced Rigging Course is your next step towards becoming a leader in the rigging field. With expert trainers, comprehensive content, and practical experience, you'll be well-equipped to tackle advanced rigging challenges safely and efficiently.

Enrol in Our Advanced Rigging Course Today

Join us to expand your rigging capabilities, meet industry standards, and advance your career with an Advanced Rigging Ticket. Contact us for more information and start your journey to becoming an advanced rigger.


What to Bring

  • Provide 100 Points of identification (as per Workplace Health and Safety Queensland requirements)
  • Steel cap Boots
  • Safety gloves
  • Hi-Visibility shirt and hard hat with a brim
  • Suitable outdoor work clothing (no singlets)
  • Lunch and water bottle
  • If applicable, any evidence of prior experience e.g old certificates
  • USI Number (Find My USI)

Additional Information

Course Timing:Course days typically run from 6:30am to approximately 3:00pm - Participants are advised to arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.

*You may be required to start before 6:30am and stay after 3:00pm depending on how long the formal assessment runs for, we will advise of these times on the day of formal assessment.

Course Structure:
Please note: Competence in a unit does not in itself result in a licence.

Once the trainer believes the participant has demonstrated theoretical and practical understanding of the chosen course (i.e ‘Unit of Competency’), this will be verified with a certificate or what’s known as a ‘Statement of Attainment’ from us, On the Job Training.

In order to obtain a licence, the candidate, after successful completion of the unit of competency, can choose to participate in the theoretical and practical assessments known as ‘National Assessment Instruments’ (NAI) held at the conclusion of each course at On the Job Training. This is conducted by an assessor on behalf of Workplace Health & Safety Queensland. On successful completion of the mandated assessments, they will be issued with a ‘Candidate Assessment Summary’ (CAS) by On the Job Training.

Upon successful completion of the NAI as stated above, the Office of Industrial Relations Queensland will contact them with instructions on how to apply for the high risk work licence.

For more information about costs associated with the chosen licence visit the Workplace Health & Safety website.


Advanced Riggers Video - Practical Assessments

Check out a previous Advanced Riggers courses executing their practical tasks in this video. Rigging a flying fox, installation of a swing stage, setting up a gin pole and conducting a lift, installation and removal of a fabricated hung scaffold.  Our boom-type EWP features in this clip too, another licence considered integral as part of a riggers ticket toolbox.
Brandon Rhea Tower Crane Dogman Dream Featured IMage

Tower Crane Dream: How a Bricklayer Became a Dogman

Sometimes you meet that special student, who you can immediately sense as a trainer that they are not only here to learn; they are metaphorically wearing their career goals on their sleeve. Read about Rhea’s inspiring story here.




Great experience, easy to understand and comprehend information being related by the trainer. Stress free learning and training environment. Would recommend to anyone seeking thier high risk work license. Shane and Bruce made the experience enjoyable and easy to get through.
Ryhs Bryden

Dogging (DG), AAM Group

Trainers were excellent and extremely helpful communicating their experiences and ways of doing things and teaching the correct way! I am 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend for your training!! Thanks guys!!
Luke Hines

Dogging (DG), Pensar

I had an absolutely outstanding experience with the entire cew at OTJT.
Very professional and excellent range of experience and skills.

I can reccommend OTJT for having the ability of imparting a great deal of knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Well done team.

Juan Boulter

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