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Dogging and Rigging Courses

If you wish to gain employment in the construction industry under WHS legislation, you need to attain a HRWL to the level required in the state you wish to work in.

Depending on the work you intend to do, Dogging & Rigging includes everything from slinging loads and directing cranes, all the way though to pre-cast panels, steel, crane, conveyer and tower erection, span lines, flying foxes and swing stages, the list goes on. Contact Us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction and course pathway to get you where you want to go.

What is Dogging and Rigging?

Rigging work involves the use of mechanical load shifting equipment to move, place or secure a load. Using plant, equipment or members of a building or structures, riggers ensure the stability of those members. Riggers are also involved the setting up or dismantling of cranes or hoists. Dogman often assist crane operators when it’s difficult or impossible for the operator to view their load. By using whistles, radios and signals, doggers can help operators to safely and securely manoeuvre their loads.

A range of dogman and rigging courses are offered for you to choose from, depending on your background or level of experience. These include:

Why Train With Us?

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality high risk work licence training in south east Queensland. Experienced trainers provide a learning environment that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

The training site has 8 cranes which uniquely gives you the opportunity to get hands on with all the relevant cranes for a licence - not just some. Our aim is to give you the confidence you need on site after gaining your basic, intermediate or advanced accreditations. In addition to dogging, rigging and crane operating courses, we also offer all levels of scaffolding, work platform and forklift training.

Our main facility is at Stapylton where the Gold Coast meets Brisbane, but we can train and assess anywhere in Australia or overseas. Check out our exceptional reputation from student reviews on Google & Facebook.

High risk work licence training - Crane lower sheave and hook
High risk work licence training - Elevating work platform EWP
High risk work licence training - Kobelco 7T city class crane RK70M-2