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No Better Place to Get a Crane Ticket

At On the Job Training, our our mission is to help create a safer industry, on the ground and in the sky.  Literally and metaphorically, as the only RTO in Australia with both a Tower Crane and Self-Erecting Tower Crane on site.

Crane tickets such as the C6 encompass many classes of cranes – slew and non-slew included. Operating a 14T Franna ‘pick & carry’ crane is very different to a slewing 7T city crane.  Most RTO’s only meet the minimum requirement to train and assess on one crane. We’ll give you as much as experience as we can on our entire fleet with the aim of you leaving a more competent, confident and safer operator.

Read more about our crane fleet in our blog here

Non Slewing Mobile Crane Licence (CN)

Course Code: TLILIC0018

A Non-Slewing Crane Licence covers the licence holder to operate a variety of cranes including, Franna Cranes, Humma Cranes, Telehandlers for cranage purposes etc

The pathways  to attain a licence in the above class is set by the regulator and are as follows:

> Entry Requirements for all crane tickets is the candidate holding a DG – Licence to Perform Dogging

Vehicle Loading Crane Licence (CV)

Course Code: TLILIC0024

A Vehicle Loading Crane Licence covers the licence holder to operate a variety of cranes including, Truck mounted cranes, Palfingers, Fassi, Maxilift. With or without hoist function.

The pathways  to attain a licence in the above class is set by the regulator and are as follows:

> Entry Requirements for all crane tickets is the candidate holding a DG – Licence to Perform Dogging

Self Erecting (CS) & Tower Crane (CT) Courses

Course Code: CPCCLTC4002 & CPCCLTC4001

Kick start your career in the sky and learn to operate the range of tower cranes used through out Australia – Diesel & Electric, Hydraulic & Reeved as well as Luffing & Hamerhead

There are two tower crane licence classes: CT – Licence to Operate a Tower Crane and CS – Licence to Operate a Self Erecting Tower Crane

> Entry Requirements for all tickets is the candidate holding a DG – Licence to Perform Dogging

Slewing Mobile Crane Licence All Classes

Under WHS Legislation you must be licenced to operate cranes in Australia.  To obtain a licence to perform high-risk work, you must undertake formal training and successfully complete a national assessment for the class of licence.

Slew Cranes include a multitude of cranes including, Mobile Slew & Non-Slew cranes, Crawler crane, All-Terrain crane, Rough Terrain crane, Pin Jib’s etc

They come in the following classes:

Due to legislation introduced in February 2022, there is no longer an official pre-requisite to hold either a C2 or C6 licence for 2 years as part of the ‘Licence to Operate a Mobile Crane (up to 100 tonnes (C1) or over 100 tonnes (C0)) units. The requirement to hold a Dogman’s licence (DG) as part of any Licence to Operate a Mobile Crane unit was also removed.

Please note: It is still a policy of our RTO that:

A particpant wishing to complete any mobile crane licenced unit hold a Dogman’s licence or be deemed competent in the Licence to Perform Dogging unit.

A participant wishing to complete the Licence to Operate a Mobile Crane up to or over 100 tonne units hold some sort of crane licence recognised in Australia.

To read more about these changes, our RTO’s policy about this and training options, read our blog here. 

‘SQUIRT’ - 7T City Class Crane | Kobelco RK70M-2

Crane licence encompassments

  • CO licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS, C2, C6 and C1 licences.
  • C1 licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS, C2 and C6 licences.
  • C6 licence encompasses the CV, CN, RS and C2 licences.
  • C2 licence encompasses the CV, CN and RS licences.

In Queensland, as of the 31 December 2016, a person who holds a non-slewing mobile crane licence (CN) is NO LONGER permitted to operate a reach stacker without holding an RS HRWL Class. C2,C6,C1 & C0 will continue to be able to operate a reach stacker.

For additional information on encompassments please see the WHSQ Page

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Dogging Training Videos

Why not check out some of our training videos to learn more or get a feel for what to expect with our training.
Brandon Rhea Tower Crane Dogman Dream Featured IMage

Tower Crane Dream: How a Bricklayer Became a Dogman

Sometimes you meet that special student, who you can immediately sense as a trainer that they are not only here to learn; they are metaphorically wearing their career goals on their sleeve. Read about Rhea’s inspiring story here.

Why We Do What We Do

safer industry

On the Job Training, are not your typical high risk work specialised RTO.

Our mission is to help create a safer industry, on the ground and in the sky.

quality outcomes

We seek to deliver highest quality student outcomes.

Train safer and more competent workers, by exceeding minimum requirements, through individual tailored support, maximum practical experience and theoretical resources to aid all learning styles.

employment success

Our purpose is to prepare students for employment success.

By understanding what their career goals are, then recommending a course plan to enrich their portfolios and harness every opportunity they can.

continuous improvement

We nurture our reputation through continuous improvement.

No student leaves our yard without the confidence they need to take the next step in their professional development; which is reflected in our customer reviews.

Why Train With Us?

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality high risk work licence training in south east Queensland. Experienced trainers provide a learning environment that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

The training site has 8 cranes which uniquely gives you the opportunity to get hands on with all the relevant cranes for a licence - not just some. Our aim is to give you the confidence you need on site after gaining your basic, intermediate or advanced accreditations. In addition to dogging, rigging and crane operating courses, we also offer all levels of scaffolding, work platform and forklift training.

Our main facility is at Stapylton where the Gold Coast meets Brisbane, but we can train and assess anywhere in Australia or overseas. Check out our exceptional reputation from student reviews on Google & Facebook.

Nice Things People Say on Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5.0 Avg. from 368 Reviews

We're very grateful to the 1000's of students we've had the pleasure to train over the years. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Google ReviewsFacebook Reviews

Great experience, easy to understand and comprehend information being related by the trainer. Stress free learning and training environment. Would recommend to anyone seeking thier high risk work license. Shane and Bruce made the experience enjoyable and easy to get through.

Ryhs Bryden

Dogging (DG), AAM Group

Trainers were excellent and extremely helpful communicating their experiences and ways of doing things and teaching the correct way! I am 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend for your training!! Thanks guys!!
Luke Hines

Dogging (DG), Pensar

I had an absolutely outstanding experience with the entire crew at OTJT.
Very professional and excellent range of experience and skills.

I can recommend OTJT for having the ability of imparting a great deal of knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Well done team.

Juan Boulter

Basic Rigging (RB)

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