6 Reasons you Need a Dogging Ticket

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Written by Jimmi Nolan

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If you work in construction in Australia, chances are you’ve heard of a ‘Dogging ticket’. But what exactly is it?

A Dogging ticket is a high risk work licence that allows you to direct the crane operator when moving loads around a construction site. It also involves using various slinging techniques and dogmen are responsible for ensuring lifting gear is in good working condition. It’s a nationally recognised qualification, and is valid for 5 years. Here are 6 reasons why you need a Dogging ticket.


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  1. Safety

A dogman is responsible for the safety of the load and a duty of care to themselves and those in the vicinity of where the work is being undertaken. They make decisions on how to best safely sling a load based on its weight and shape, inspect lifting gear to ensure it’s fit for purpose and give directions to the crane operator even when not in line of sight. This ensures that everyone stays safe while materials are being moved around the site, taking into account site specific hazards.


  1. Legal Reasons

In Australia, it is illegal to undertake dogging work without a Dogging licence (DG). If an accident happens where a load or structures are damaged, or somebody sustains an injury or worse and you don’t have a licence, you or your employer could be held liable. Not to mention, you could be fined into the tens of thousands of dollars for not having a DG licence while undertaking dogging work.


  1. Job Opportunities

You don’t need to be a professional dogman to need a dogging ticket. If you want to safely unload trucks with a vehicle mounted crane for instance, having a DG licence will give you an advantage over those who don’t have one.


  1. Peace of Mind

Having a Dogging ticket gives you the assurance that you’re compliant with the law and within your area of expertise. You’ll also have confidence in what you’re doing, as well as knowing and understanding the risks and hazards involved in dogging operations such as working near powerlines.

WATCH: Some examples of our Dogging Ticket Course training (Licence to Perform Dogging – CPCCLRG3001)

  1. Earning Potential

Generally, those with a DG licence earn more than those without one because the position is considered skilled labour.  

For example, the website Payscale.com states the average wage for unskilled construction labour in Australia is $25.34 an hour, versus $32.53 an hour for a Dogman, but can go as high as $48. However, Glassdoor.com average it much higher at $40 an hour.


  1. Work Less Hard for More Money

Another great benefit of having your DG licence is that dogging is generally easier than manual labouring tasks such as concrete work or formwork . This means that you can earn more money by working less hard! Good dogging techniques will ensure that cranes quite literally do most of the heavy lifting, all you need to do is sling the load and direct them.  


Remember: a good dogman never casts a shadow! Stay out of the sun in between lifts and plan lifts in advance to save you time, stress and effort.


There are plenty of good reasons to get your Dogging ticket – from safety and legal reasons, to job opportunities and earning potential. If you’re thinking about getting into construction or are already working in the industry, getting your Dogging ticket is a great way to improve your prospects (not to mention make some extra cash). 

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