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Written by Jake Rudge

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On the Job Training Dusk Skyline

Train with our 8 Cranes for your Next Crane Licence

  Say hello to our 8 (not so) little friends:

  1. ‘OLD FAITHFUL’ – 3T Truck Mounted Slew Crane
  2. ‘SQUIRT’ – 7T City Class Crane
  3. ‘THE BLUE BULLET’ – 14T Non-Slew Crane
  4. ‘THE RED RASH’ 20T Rough Terrain Crane
  5. ‘LUCY’ – 25T Truck Mounted Slew Crane
  6. ‘BLACK BETTY’ – 50T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
  7. ‘HULK’ – 5T Tower Crane
  8. ‘JESSIE’ – 4T Self-erecting Tower Crane

Practical crane licence training with our extensive fleet

We strive to offer the highest quality high risk work licence training on the Gold Coast and surrounding south east Queensland. To do that, (in part) we believe you need to have experience of operating the sometimes many crane types that encompass crane operator licences. Our ‘Old Faithful’ 3T truck mounted slew crane is very different to operating our 50T lattice boom crawler crane (AKA ‘Black Betty’). But hey, train with one type of crane to get yourself a C6 crane ticket and you’re ready to operate anything right?! Wrong!

Read about the benefits of our comprehensive ‘C6 Elite’ course here

Which is why we offer every candidate that enters our yard the opportunity to train with our 8 cranes for their mobile crane licence. So you’re as ready as you can be when you earn that ‘shiny’ new crane ticket (through form of the modern ‘short’ course – watch out for our high risk work training history blog coming soon).

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our crane fleet:

Click on any image below to see a individual video of the relevant crane in action

1. ‘OLD FAITHFUL’ - 3T Truck Mounted Slew Crane

    • Make: Aichi
    • Model: 
    • Max SWL: 2.99 T
    • Linepul : 1.5 T
    • HuH:
'Old Faithful' - Aichi 3T Truck Mounted Slew Crane
    • This ‘little crane that could’ has bred more crane operators in its long history than most cranes in the training industry. It’s honest and has been involved in crane training for over 15 years.  Many (in particular QLD Licence holders) have been behind the sticks of this little beast.

2. ‘SQUIRT’ - 7T City Class Crane

    • Make: Kobelco
    • Model: RK70M-2
    • Max SWL: 7T
    • Linepul: 1.4T
    • HuH: 22.6M
‘SQUIRT’ - 7T City Class Crane | Kobelco RK70M-2
    • The workhorse of the yard, this is the staple crane for training organisations. It’s nimble, compact while very responsive and an all around joy to operate. With many features shared with its larger sisters, this crane is an awesome starting point for all crane licence operators coming through our doors.
    • Used in our DG, C2, C6, RB, RI training, if there are hooks down in the OTJT yard you can bet this little crane’s one of them.

3. ‘THE BLUE BULLET’ - 14T Non-Slew Crane

    • Make: Terex Franna
    • Model: AT14
    • Max SWL: 14T
    • Linepul: 2.5T
    • Max Reach: 18.4M
‘THE BLUE BULLET’ - 14T Non-Slew Crane | Terex Franna AT14
    • Our director Matt’s baby – a traditional ‘Aussie’ crane that was part of the revolution of ‘Pick & Carry’ cranes. With a smaller capacity than modern 20-25T frannas, this little beauty is a rocket ship with a lighter road weight, tighter articulation and agility in and around sites.  Makes it the perfect platform for candidates to start out on non-slew cranes.
    • Used in our CN, C6, RB, RI & RA training, this is the ‘go to’ crane when anything has to be lifted in the yard.

4. ‘THE RED RASH’ 20T Rough Terrain Crane

    • Make: Kato
    • Model: KR20K-MKII
    • Max SWL: 20T
    • Linepul: 3T
    • HuH: 34.2M
‘THE RED RASH’ - 20T Rough Terrain Crane | Kato KR20K-MKII
    • This manoeuvrable and versatile rough terrain crane will give the experience you need to go from the road to the most tricky on site ground conditions. This crane is a very SOLID lifter, and fitted with technology well before its time.
    • Used in our DG, C2, C6, RB, RI training, this was the crane that started it all for OTJT before the major fleet expansion.

5. ‘LUCY’ - 25T Truck Mounted Slew Crane

    • Make: Zoomlion
    • Model: QUY25H
    • Max SWL: 25T
    • Linepul: 3.2TT
    • HuH: 41.3M
‘LUCY’ - 25T Truck Mounted Slew Crane | Zoomlion QUY25H
    • This crane takes pride of place in the yard, and is the second busiest crane in the yard with its awesome reach and capacity.  
    • Used in our DG, C2, C6, RB, RI training, this is the latest addition to the fleet.

6. ‘BLACK BETTY’ - 50T Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

    • Make: Fushun
    • Model: QUY50
    • Max SWL: 50T
    • Linepul: 5.6T
    • HuH: 52M
Black Betty Fushun QUY50 Black Lattice Crawler Crane
    • A very different piece of lifting machinery to its all-terrain counterparts, this 50 tonne beauty has considerations while operating such as generally larger footprint and jib surface areas. It also bears the challenges of non-level ground surfaces with the lack of outriggers used on all-terrains.
    • Used in our C6 & RI training, this crane is a handful, and provides second to none practical experience for our C6 candidates.

7. ‘HULK’ - 5T Tower Crane

    • Make: Potain
    • Model: MC85B
    • Max SWL: 5T
    • Linepul: 1.25T
    • HuH: 43M
'HULK' - 5T Tower Crane | Potain MC85B
    • Affectionately known by the locals as ‘Baby Hulk’, the pride of the training yard stands at 45m and offers unspoilt views in every direction, from the beach to the Gold Coast hinterland towering over the M1.  
    • Used in our CT, RB, RI & RA training, this crane with its 50m jib configuration has access to every inch of OTJT yard, and flies the flag for our Helensvale campus.

8. ‘JESSIE’ - 4T Self-erecting Tower crane

    • Make: Potain 
    • Model: HD40
    • Max SWL: 4T
    • Linepul: 1T
    • HuH: 21M
'JESSIE' - 4T Self Erecting Tower Crane | Potain HD40
    • The type of tower crane you’ll find on smaller construction sites, they’re fast and agile and operated via remote control. While traditionally not a common crane particularly QLD, they have definitely become more common with a shift to low & mid rise projects throughout Australia. 
    • Fun fact: Active Crane Hire in Sydney had 40 HD40’s in action during the construction of the Sydney Olympic Games.
    • Used in our CT, CS, RB, RI & RA training, OTJT is unique in having both CT & CS cranes available for crane licence training & assessment onsite.

Our Crane Fleet in Action

Industry benchmark in crane licence training

As we always say at On the Job Training, you can’t replace years of experience with a short form course in the training yard. What we can do is provide you with the best possible learning experience to ensure you’re as prepared as possible to whatever your future work life throws at you.

Through ‘hands on’ operating experience with our fleet of cranes, coupled with e-learning support we believe we set the industry benchmark in crane licence training.  Give us a call on 07 3807 6061, drop a message below or talk to us on live chat now to learn more.

Introducing the ‘C6 Elite’ Mobile Crane Course

The Queensland Government only requires you to train on one of the many types of cranes you’re allowed to operate holding a Slewing Mobile Crane C6 Licence. For us, this inadequately prepares you as being ‘job ready’. We offer the ability to operate as many of 6 of these mobile cranes – check out our video with what some of students and trainers had to say about this industry leading course.

Meet King Duffy Our in house Franna Expert

The C6 slewing mobile crane licence also encompasses CN class non-slewing cranes. If you train exclusively on a 25t truck mount slew crane, are you ready to jump in the seat of a 14T franna non-slew crane? Our director Matt discusses the intricacies of a franna with King Duffy, our in house franna expert.

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