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Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations Course Information


Course Code


Course Duration

1 Day

RTO Provider

On the Job Training (RTO 70023)

Entry Requirement/s



RIIHAN309F – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations


This Telehandler Ticket/Telehandler Licence unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to conduct telescopic materials handler operations in the Construction, Mining Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

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RIIHAN309F - Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations


    • implements the requirements, procedures and techniques for the safe, effective and efficient completion of conducting telescopic materials handler operations
    • works effectively with others to undertake and complete the conducting of telescopic materials handler operations that meets all the required outcomes
    • demonstrates completion of conducting telescopic materials handler operations that safely, effectively and efficiently meets all of the required outcomes on more than one (1) occasion

    Telehandler Course Topics:

    • OHS and legislative obligations
    • Identify work requirements, procedures and instructions
    • Plan and prepare for telescopic materials handler operations
    • Conduct telescopic materials handler pre-operational checks
    • Operate telescopic materials handler
    • Attach, secure, lift, carry and place materials
    • Select, remove and fit attachments
    • Relocate the telescopic materials handler
    • Carry out machine operator maintenance
    • Clean up work area

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